Welcome to my Blog!

I don’t pretend to be an expert chef or food critic but I know what I like and can whip up a pretty tasty meal. My family and friends have been generous with their palates (and comments) and whenever I have asked for volunteers for my next new recipe, I tend to have more of a lineup than people wanting to run away.

This is my forum where I get to reveal some of my favorite things that I have found on my travels or close to home. It may be a new restaurant (or an old favorite), a food market, or kitchen gadgets. It will definitely include some of my favorite recipes that have been passed down through my family, ones that I’ve given a new twist to, or entirely new ones. Whatever the case may be, it will be foodie focused.

I invite you to experience all things food along with me. I welcome all comments both positive and negative because isn’t that how we learn and grow? So now I join the ranks of the countless food and travel bloggers and hope that my contribution, at the very least, entertains you.

Isn’t there always room for one more person at the table?

Come with me and explore the culinary world.

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