Happy 2013!

It’s the first day of 2013… Happy New Year everyone!!

The tree has been taken down, the decorations put away, last night’s party has been cleaned up and the “year in review” programs have begun. Today is a day of reflection but also a day to look forward to the beginning of a new year.

Take the time to remember those who have passed away in the last year and be grateful for your loved ones who are here today to help you remember the wonderful times shared by all.

Show gratitude for those who are close to you and be kind to people who may come into your life, even if they are only there for a moment. We all affect those around us in ways we may never know… make how you move through the world a positive one.

Use the things you keep for special occasions because every day is a special occasion. Don’t be afraid to use the good china, or your best crystal, light those scented candles and wear that expensive perfume. If the china and crystal get chipped or broken… so what! The memories you are creating are more precious than things you can buy in a store. Memories take less space and you don’t have to dust them off or worry about breaking them. Using your “special occasion” things will just help enhance the “special memories” you are creating.

Be open to new experiences, especially if they scare you ~ don’t we grow as we overcome our fears? They’re not usually as scary as we thought they were once we overcome them.

Take the time to take care of yourself, spoil yourself once in a while, indulge in something that is just for you. Ask yourself if you are settling for less than you want, deserve or need. After all, who knows better what you want than you?

Try something new at least once a month be it a different haircut, a new activity, a new restaurant, a new recipe, or a new ingredient you have never tried. Don’t be afraid of failure because, hair grows back, your body will eventually stop hurting and your food experiences will expand.

Dare yourself to be more adventurous in every aspect of your life…. the possibilities are endless and the results can be inspiring!!

The begining of a new year

The dawn of a new year


Cheers to you and everyone around you. 
May you savour every moment of 2013 and may the new year bring you health, happiness, prosperity and peace! 

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