Slow cooker breakfast for those cool Fall mornings….

One more heat wave and the cooler weather will be upon us. If you have a slow cooker, here’s a great way to wake up to a cold morning. Check out the Thrive Forward website for some great slow cooker oatmeal recipes.  I know I will be testing some myself.  You may want to take the time to explore the Thrive Forward website for other recipes and the Vega website is a great resource for all things Vegan.

Thrive Forward is brought to you by Canadian athlete and the formulator of Vega products,  Brendan Brazier.

To quote the Thrive Forward site:

“Brendan Brazier is a former professional Ironman triathlete and two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion. He is now a successful performance nutrition consultant, the bestselling author of the Thrive book series and formulator of the award-winning Vega line of plant-based nutritional products.

Recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on plant-based nutrition, Brendan has dedicated his life to spreading the word about an ethical, environmentally-friendly, and healthy lifestyle through plant-based foods. Brendan currently works with elite athletes all over North America, including athletes in the NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, PGA and several Olympic athletes. He has appeared on CTV and CBC in Canada, and NBC, ABC, and FOX in the United States.

Thrive Forward, Brendan’s latest endeavour, is the next generation of Thrive in 30— his original free online program that helped over 70,000 people harness the power of clean, plant-based nutrition to feel their best.”


(photo captured from the Thrive Forward site)

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