Happy 1st Birthday Red!

red spoon

One year ago I launched The Red Spoon Diaries into cyber space wondering what interest, if any, it might generate.  Has it been a year already?  I Googled Anniversary gifts and how funny is it that, in this age of technology and companies striving to be paperless, that the first year anniversary is listed as paper.

During the past year I have been amazed at who and how my blog has been clicked on.  WordPress is an amazing tool to help you publish your blog and generates graphic statistics to show you who is clicking in and, for the most part, how they found your blog.  Many of their layouts are free and very easy to use.

To date, The Red Spoon Diaries has been viewed by 52 different countries (listed by frequency):

Canada, United States, Guatemala, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Russian Federation, Poland, France, New Zealand, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia, Netherlands, India, Ireland, Sweden, Slovakia, Indonesia, Estonia, Peru, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Serbia, Denmark, South Africa, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Algeria, Viet Nam, Brazil, Senegal, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Belgium, Oman, Lithuania, Andorra, Finland, Bulgaria, Iceland.

The stats show that, other than the Home Page, people have clicked most frequently on info for macarons (Mastering the Macaron) and what kind of equipment to use. Lekue mats and dispensers are great aids to help make them, especially if you’re not adept at using a piping bag to squeeze out the batter free hand onto parchment paper.

The next most popular topics have been the Bocuse d’Or 2013 results (the Olympics of the Culinary World), cooking gadgets, Patria restaurant review, Sagrada Familia, food events (Mmmarket Night, Food for Change), then chefs that I have mentioned in some of my posts.  There is a high number of “Unknown Search Terms” but then some providers don’t always divulge the source and it’s likely that the search terms could be in another language (?).


In any case, I am very flattered that my blog is being clicked on by more than just family, friends and colleagues.

Thank you all so much for the encouragement and interest.

Here’s to the possibilities that the future holds!

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