Creating My Blog Space

First, I would like to thank everyone who tunes into The Red Spoon Diaries.  To date, I have had 800 views and 16 countries reading my posts.  I am both flattered and pleased that my blog has been of interest to you all has, hopefully, entertained you and will continue to do so.  I am having a lot of fun creating it.

The first challenge/resolution that I gave myself for 2013 was to complete a space at home where I can be creative and have everything within reach.  I have to admit that I find it really annoying to have to pull my laptop out and take it to the dining room table or the living room coffee table, type away for a few hours and then have to put it away. I personally don’t like to see it laying around. It’s the Virgo in me. I like to have things tucked away in their place… at least most of the time.

I began this project by giving away a large credenza that I had for quite a few years and freeing up some space in my living room.  This meant I now had to purge the contents of the cabinet and either donate or discard.  Inside was filled with books, art supplies, various sizes of unused canvases waiting to be painted upon, craft supplies (how old are these, have they dried out?), games, candles… so much stuff.

My living room is not that large so the desk has to be small but functional and not look like your typical desk.  Space is limited in my home so whenever I purchase a piece of furniture it has to be multi-purpose and have some kind of storage ability.  Hopefully something a bit funky and not too expensive.  I never know though until I get out and search.  It could be something totally different then what I initially set out to fiind.  I also have the talent of typically being able to walk into a store and have whatever might catch my eye, be the most expensive thing there.  It can be very frustrating!

I haven’t decided on which wall to put the desk ~ there’s really only 2 choices.  Do I want to face a wall or be on the outer wall and have a window to gaze out of while I’m musing over what to write for my next post?  Of course the window would be better but I would only really see the sky since the sill is set rather high.  It really is a great view (when I’m standing up) as I live in a highrise and am lucky to have an unobstructed view on a high floor.  No tall buildings or condos within sight.  No windows with undrawn curtains to peer into (accidentally or not) facing my windows…  lots of privacy.  I face east and absolutely love watching the sun rise in the morning.  You may have seen the spectacular sunrise shot in my “Happy 2013” post.  That photo was actually taken last summer when the sun is directly east.  During the winter it drifts further south and is much more to the right on the horizon.  Here’s another great morning shot.

Summer Sunrise

Summer Sunrise

Wish me luck as I hunt for just the right cabinet!

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